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About Us

The "Ciclo Abilia asd" was founded in 2006, with the aim of promoting, disseminating and increasing Paralympic Cycling in Italy when this discipline was not yet under the "directives" of the FCI (Italian Cycling Federation); It will officially become part of it only in 2008 and we in Marina di Massa organized the first Italian Time Trial Championship with just over 50 athletes and the repeated in 2010.

After this edition, which really gave us a very positive esperisce, we decided to raise the level by organizing in 2011 the first edition of the "Due Giorni del Mare", an international test also valid as a European test held over 2days of races at the seafront of Marina di Massa where the Italian National Paralympic Cycling Team also participated with it "captain" Alex Zanardi.


2021 was a very complicated year for everyone, we had to defeat and deal with an epidemic called Covid19 that really blocked any type of national event.

During the two years, marked by restriction and economic difficulties, the Cicloabilia Team has worked to be able to host the Italian Paracycling Road Championships in Marina di Massa; the event was successful in the best possible way despite the hard period and rewarded the commitment of 250 athletes, certainly there was no shortage of the Tricolor Titles which stood as many as 26.

" It was a great victory and stisfaction ... says Samanta to see the affection shown by the athletes and that for us, they have now become friends and every year they participate with enthusiasm in the "Due Giorni del Mare", the international test that marks the start of the season." 

Our sports club is made up of a group of friends and family who have been supporting os and helping us in the organization and promotion of initiatives for several years.

Thanks to the sponsors by especially to the Municipal Administration of Marina di Massa who has always believed in this event but, in our adventure coming to involve other member of my family such as: Nico (my husband), Sofia (my daughter), my sister and my mother.

2022 saw several sporting event in Tuscany related to the Paralympic Sector; the now "Classicissima" opening round of the season, the "Due Giorni del Mare", also valid as a test of the Tuscan championship, 2 stages of Giro Italia Handbike, the Italian Track Championship in Florence where our company was also present which, was an active part of the organization of the event valid as the final of the Italian Championship for clubs in Torre del Lago; last but not last, the organization of another national test in Campi Bisanzio valid for the Handbike category.

To crown and conclude the 2022 years in the best possible way, the Ciclo Abilia Society received a double "Bronze Medal for Sporting Merit" from the CIP Italian National Paralympic Committee directly from President Pancalli; one for the commitment and determination carried out in the last 10 years of activity, the other was delivered to President Samanta Cavaldonati who a few weeks ago joined the Regional Council of the FCI Toscana with the delegation to the Paralympic Sector. 

" This Bronze Star is a sign that says ... Samanta, as a demonstration of all the work done over the years and which, bears fruit by demonstrating the high technical and competitive value of each individual athlete to speed the culture of sports disability because, we think it is a good thing to be able to combine: SPORT, TURISM and TERRITORY.

Thus giving a great life lesson to all the people who attend the events as spectators because they can really understand that THERE ARE NO BARRIRES IF NOT IN OUR MINDS!!"

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